Can you play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One?

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Xbox 360 had a ton of cool games to play, including exclusives like Halo or Forza Horizon 2. But you do have to wonder, is there a way to play those games on the Xbox One? Thankfully, it seems that Microsoft wanted to make the process simpler and seamless. This is why they did create a mode which allows you to play these games on the Xbox One without a problem.

The mode is called Backwards Compatibility. What you will like about it is the fact that it provides you with the ability to play your older games on the Xbox One. You don’t have to purchase these titles again which is a plus. Yes, you can easily play those games if you want without giving a penny more on them.

You just have to pop your Xbox 360 disc into the Xbox One and that’s it. The idea however is that your game has to be included on the backwards compatibility list. The list is thankfully growing all the time, so more and more titles are added there all the time. If the game is compatible with your Xbox One, it will automatically appear under the Ready to Install list. Or it will automatically appear in your game list when you pop in your disc. Keep in mind that the downloadable games won’t require the disc, while the disc based ones can’t play without the game.

A nice thing to note here is that you can actually continue the saves you played on your Xbox 360 when you use these games on the Xbox One. It’s a nifty feature and one that does bring in front some nice, exciting game ideas that you will appreciate quite a bit. If you are a fan of great gaming experiences, you will find the outcome to be quite impressive and exciting. In order to play this you will need to have a Gold subscription, but it’s a solid investment for sure and the return on investment can be huge. The games are incredibly fun and you will be quite impressed with the experience as a whole.

The Kinect accessories are not compatible with the 360, and that is understandable since there are new technologies in use here. However, the console does a very good job at offering incredible gameplay options and there are tons of nice games to explore here for sure.

The great thing you will like about the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program is that more and more games are added all the time. There are more than 100 compatible games and there will be more. While they won’t add the entire library to the Xbox One, games like Red Dead Redemption and many other great exclusives will be there for you.

Overall, you should consider playing your older games on the Xbox One. There’s a ton of fun to be had here and the experience will surely be a very rewarding and exciting one. If you want to see a list of compatible games, check the link below for more information!

Xbox One backward compatible games


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