Should you buy PS4 Pro?

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Formerly known as PS Neo, the PS4 Pro is finally out on the market and you can get it at the local store. But you do have to wonder, is this console the ultimate experience or should you stick to your regular PS4? Let’s find out right now!

How much does it cost?

The PS4 Pro will set you aside around $400. It has 1 TB of storage, and there is no word on higher values from a storage standpoint. It’s more than ok for that reason alone, which is exactly what makes the PS4 Pro a good purchase if you want a small storage. Sure, some do want to have more than 1 TB, then again you can always delete the games you do not play there.

Overall, the price is ok, in fact, you could purchase the original PS4 at the same price, so having a new iteration of the PS4 console at this price is pretty much more than ok. After all, you don’t have to pay that much and the overall return is still among the very best.

Are the specs any better?

Unlike the Xbox One S that’s more of a slim upgrade, the PS4 Pro does want to be a new, better and more powerful PS4. Does it manage to succeed that? Yes, but it’s not as revolutionary as people might expect. This console wants to do 4K gaming, which is why the specs are not that surprising, and in the end, you get pretty disappointed if you want to play on 4K TV stations.

When it comes to the specs, you have a Jaguar processor, and that does come with eight cores. It’s more than ok here. The huge update turns on the graphics side. You have 4.20 teraflops which are a lot better than what you had until this point on the regular PS4.

It’s hard to debate whether you should upgrade solely for the graphics side or not. There is a major improvement when you compare it to the original console that had a bit over one teraflop. With more graphics power, you receive smoother framerates, and that does help a lot. The storage size is 1 TB as we mentioned and you still get 8 GB of RAM. It’s ok for gaming along and you don’t need that much considering the overall value you receive for the console.

The total mass is 3.3 kg. It’s not a slim console, but it’s not that heavy either. At this size, it’s a bit heavier than a laptop, but you don’t get to feel that much of a difference. They do have a BD and DVD drive which are both great additions. You receive quite a bit of processing power here, and the value is exciting for sure.

Other than that, the specs are pretty much the same. Yes, there’s nothing to write home about other than the better GPU and the slightly better CPU. You never get to see these differences unless the game is optimized for the PS4 Pro. Some of the new games are, but the older games won’t come with that much of a new experience.

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Do you have 4K Blu-Ray support?

There is no 4K player integrated unit here, and that’s a shame. If you know one thing about Sony, you will see that they are the creators of this standard. Not having it on their console is a shame for sure and it’s unfortunate to see such a thing happen. Then again, you can find other problems like this out there as well, so, in the end, it’s not that big of a deal.

What about VR?

Playstation 4 VR headset

Maybe the main reason why you would upgrade to PS4 Pro is the PS VR experience. Virtual reality is interesting and fun nowadays; it brings in some fun ideas and some exciting games. If you want to immerse yourself in virtual reality, you will find the PS4 Pro to be a nice purchase. PS4 Pro is the only console that officially supports VR, but it seems that with a bit of a hack you can use PS VR on the PS4 as well. This might be the main selling point for the PS4 Pro, but since you can use a hack to use VR on the PS4 console, you don’t have a solid ROI for your money. On the other hand, the extra power boost and other features can be seen here.

HDR support?

The PS4 Pro delivers HDR support, but the PS4 Slim and the regular PS4 also receive HDR support via an update. This is yet another wasted opportunity from Sony to keep people interested in the Pro. Since you get HDR capabilities on the original console, people won’t see any reason to upgrade. It’s a great way to deliver fan service for the millions of PS4 users; that’s for sure.

What about games?

PS4 Pro doesn’t have any exclusive. Some would consider this to be the nail in its coffin. The reason is simple; many PS4 owners won't ditch the original console. This is why all the PS4-namec consoles will run the same games. However, the PS4 Pro does have more processing power, and it will make the most out of it. All the new post-PS4 Pro launch include support for the new console, and you can get a better framerate or at least support for the 4K screens.

Is the PS4 Pro upgrade or purchase worth it?

If you already have a PS4, you don’t need to opt for the PS4 Pro. You get a free HDR update, and you can hack your VR experience if you want. However, the PS4 Pro does come with its set of hardware improvements that should not be neglected. The better resolution and higher textures are excellent here and overall you receive a pretty good experience for your money. If you want a new PS4 console, opt for the Pro. If you already own a PS4, you should wait for the PS5, whenever that might come!


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