Should you buy Xbox One S?

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All of us were mesmerized by the idea of getting a new Xbox when the Xbox One appeared more than two years ago. But now that we have the Xbox One S on the market, and we can expect the Project Scorpio this year is it a good idea to upgrade to Xbox One S? Or should you wait? Let’s find that out right now!

Is the upgrade to Xbox One S already available on the market?

Yes, the One S has released a few months ago so that you can find it on the market. You don’t have to preorder, nor do you need to wait a lot of time for delivery. You can find it online at most retailers or at your local store.

What price do you have to pay for it?

Each region has different prices if you want to upgrade to Xbox One S. Usually, you end up paying around 300 euros or close to 240 pounds in the UK for the 500 GB version, with a little bit more for the 1 TB version. The 2 TB version costs 400 pounds in the UK and around 450 euros or so in other European countries. Thankfully, you can find bundles and price reductions for the Xbox One S, so you never have to worry about that.

Is it smaller?

The Xbox One S is indeed a smaller console. In fact, Microsoft did an excellent job here by allowing you to purchase a console that’s around 40% smaller when compared to the original Xbox One. If you want a console that doesn’t eat up a lot of space, this might be a substantial investment. Of course, not everyone might want a smaller console, but it does have a significant size reduction if you are interested in such a thing. Do you need a smaller console? If you do, then the upgrade to Xbox One S seems pretty much justified for that reason alone. If not, then you don’t have to worry about the upgrade. What you will like here is that the power supply is built-in at this time. The regular power brick was a huge downside for the Xbox One, but the S model manages to deal with that in an elegant manner.

Are there some new feature additions?

Yes, the Xbox One S does a very good job at offering 4K Ultra HD, 4K Blu-Ray, and HDR support. These are functions that missed on the original console. Apparently, aside from HDR, you don’t need to worry about any 4K gaming as you can’t do that with the Xbox One S. However, you can upgrade to Xbox One S if you want to see 4K movies on your device. Also, the Xbox One S supports Netflix and other movie streaming services in 4K. Since many Ultra HD players are more expensive and you don’t have gaming capabilities on those, the Xbox One S is a solid investment. Tests have shown that this console is a pretty good Blu-Ray movie player, so that can be very exciting.

The Xbox One S does prepare for 4K because it adds HDMI 2.0a and it also delivers 4K 60 Hz output. However, it can’t do 4K at 60hz, so it sticks to 30Hz which is not that ok. This is why you need to stick to 1080p if you want to get the best gaming capabilities.

HDR is a nice addition too. You have a much deeper color space; things look better here, and you get brighter images as a whole. You do need a good TV if you want to take advantage of these features, so there’s that. But as long as you don’t rush, you will find the outcome to be very rewarding in the end.

Does the performance differ?

If you want to upgrade to Xbox One S, you most likely ask yourself if there is a performance boost. At first, the Xbox One S wasn’t said to deliver any performance boost. However, when you see the final product you do notice a bit of a difference here. Microsoft has stated that they did bring in front more CPU power and some GPU power as well. This was created specifically with the idea of improving framerates for the games and that’s it.

There is no major graphics boost or anything like that. The extra resources are good only for the extra power boost. So, while the Xbox One S does have some extra horsepower under its belt, it still is just a slightly improved version of the Xbox One. It’s not something more than that, even if you might want it to be something more.

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Can it upscale games to 4K?

Obviously, the game doesn’t have any of the tools you need to play in 4K. However, it can indeed upscale to 4K. This is a nice addition for sure, and it does provide gamers with quite a bit of interesting ideas and features. You do get a taste of what 4K gaming on Xbox can look like, but you still have to wait until its release.

Are there some other standout things?

Xbox One S controller

Yes. You can store it upright which is a great addition for sure. On top of that, the upgrade to Xbox One S also means you don’t have any Kinect port anymore. There are new controllers too, and these new controllers are adding in Bluetooth. It’s nice to see so much dedication from Microsoft and the console does get to benefit from that.

Should you upgrade to Xbox One S?

If you already own an Xbox One, you don’t have that many reasons to upgrade. The overall performance isn’t that much better, and things like the extra storage can be added to the old Xbox One as well. The console is slimmer though, and it does come with a new controller, though. If you already have an Xbox One, you can stick to it. But if you want a new console and you don’t own the Xbox One, this will be a solid purchase!


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